Fusion Festival


Flughafen Lärz, Mecklenburg – Germany

“End of June: the same procedure as every year. On a former Russian military airfield. In the middle of nowhere in the fields of northern Germany. FUSION arises, the biggest holiday camp all over the nothern hemisphere! The motto: 4 days of ‘holiday communism’ – and the programme covers it all: Music of all kinds, theatre, performance and cinema, and added in the whole spectrum of installations, interaction, arts and communication.  Diversity of people, diverse in their intentions. Still, their strive for individual freedom unites them, everybody finding her and his own way of action. Free of boundaries and prejudice. Far from everyday life we celebrate 4 days of parallel society of a special kind, looking for a possibly better world. We know, there’s always a ”but”. We also feel that there is no real place where all of this comes true. Nevertheless, or exactly because of that, it is important that FUSIONists from all corners of the continent meet in this very place. They feel what makes us all brothers and sisters: The desperate search for more than THIS life can offer… it’s all that we want and we want it now. Right now.”